We’re Not Gonna Take It

My first reaction was, “We’re not gonna take it!“.
But eventually I came to my senses.

We're Not Gonna Take It

I’m not so happy to report that I had an issue with my affiliate marketing related Facebook Lead Ad last week.

When you do any sort of advertising with Facebook, part of the setup is on coming up to speed with the Meta Advertising Standards.

They are supposed to help protect people from poor ad experiences as well as helping to support more meaningful connections between people and business.

My Ad had been running for six months before the Meta AI decided that my phrasing of, “replaces a full-time income” should be rejected because they stated it does not comply with their Unrealistic Outcomes policy.

In that policy, the Guidelines say that ads can’t promote unrealistic employment opportunities.

And more specifically I’m guessing my ad may have fallen under one of these two sections:

  • Unrealistic enticement claims. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Claims that a person can become rich quickly
    • Claims that little to no work is necessary to make money
    • General enticements without listing any details on the role, responsibilities or qualifications
  • Vague job or income opportunities.

Time for a Review

Again the song is rolling in my head, “We’re not gonna take it!“.

I do believe I should have attempted to get a review but at the time, the information Meta was showing me – indicated there was no opportunity for a review.

And they even stated that not all ads could be reviewed.

Their best suggestion was to alter the text and republish my ad to get approval.

So that is what I set out to do.

The offending text and replacements are as follows:

Primary Text
How to make an online income with affiliate marketing…without guru advice overwhelm.
Updated Primary Text
How to make an online income with affiliate marketing…without the overwhelm.

[FREE 10 MIN. VIDEO] How Even Beginners Replace a Full-time Income in Today’s Economy

Updated Headline
[FREE VIDEO] Learn the new approach to becoming profitable as an affiliate.

This brand new approach shows how it is possible to create a profitable full-time income from home, even as a beginner in affiliate marketing.

Updated Description
This new approach shows you four core areas of focus to achieve profit as an affiliate even while working your day job.


Ad Images

I am still enamoured with using the newspaper delivery guy with my profile as an ad image.
We're not gonna take it

But I may someday replace him with my mascot side-kick here on RobertKleinOnline.com. She actually has the name of Magic and she is a penguin in shades.

And Magic is in a magic zone and she holds the signage to announce each of my blog posts.

We're not gonna take it


In Conclusion

It is important to be aware of the Advertising Policies and other guidelines of any platform that you adverstise on or place content on.

And still you need to be able to roll with the punches when an unexpected violation is cited.

Much advice might also come at you to diversify your advertising across platforms but if like me – you are currently limited by budget, you and me both have to just deal with the issues as they arise…

or…you can try and take the the stance of a review and state – We’re not gonna take it!

Enjoy the hilarity! And I challenge you get the song out of your head after listening!

Let me know in the comments if you have any experience with any content or advertising violations.

10 thoughts on “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

  1. I am not emotionally ready to do Facebook ads. (Feel like I don’t know what I’m doing). But this eve, I figured out how to put my podcast on You Tube Music. Small steps with required celebrations.

    1. Oh, I hear ya Kate. Not everyone reading this Newsletter will have been doing advertising with Facebook. More so, it gives some information on what is expected when using any platform for ads. Way to go with putting the podcast on YouTube Music!
      Robert Klein recently posted…Truth Be KnownMy Profile

  2. Hey Robert, looks like you are going to have a work around, nice. I’m with Kate as well Facebook is a little much at this juncture for me to tackle. I’m glad you touched on what they will kick out it’s one less wall for us to hit . Thanksfor the post it’ll definitely be a help.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jon. I was looking at some old Google ads that I was doing with YouTube videos for an affiliate marketing venture a little while back. The typical daily ad spend was set at $70. I CAN’T AFFORD THAT RIGHT NOW. So, Facebook Lead ads remain the best way for me to reach new potential customers and with keeping my ad spend down to the minimal $5 per day. Incidently, a lot of the folks that were in that venture were shut down by Facebook and they were touting the Google ads as the way to go. But they were doing actual Facebook ads and not the lead ads. There’s a big difference in costs.
      Robert Klein recently posted…SEO GodsMy Profile

  3. Wow Robert. Well I have not stared paid advertising yet, but that is an eye opener. Thanks for info. It will surly help a lot of us. Keep moving forward and remind them you’re “not gonna take it”. 🙂

  4. Hi, Robert! I hope your new ads are readily accepted. I have not done much paid advertising, and I’ve never tried Facebook lead ads. I hear they’re a good way to go, but you do have to be prepared when the Facebook gods intervene. It seems that, no matter what, they will appear at some point. They sound a bit like the Greek gods- you don’t want to get on their bad side! Sounds like you have dealt with them and they are appeased for a bit!
    Best wishes,

  5. Hi Robert,
    I have heard over and over that Facebook can be challenging at times to do anything on there with all the rules they put in place. I’m not looking forward to that when my time comes to get on there…. Just be patient with them and it will work itself out in time. Thanks for the post.

  6. Hi Robert,
    Oh Twisted Sisters really shows our age!!
    Definitely a challenge to be had in todays marketing with Facebook.
    The unfortunate thing is that many changes occur within these platforms even before we can adapt!
    Definitely like the penguin: he really seems cool! (pun intended).
    Take care!

  7. Robert, thank you so much for this valuable information. It is actually quite scary having to comply with all the rules of paid advertising. That’s probably why I haven’t done it yet. I’ve heard so many stories of people getting banned or closed down or locked. Even Dean got blocked from Facebook once having said that that’s no excuse to not do it. I do hope to one-day use pay advertising. As usual great content and lots of value. Thank you so much thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Unlock both locks on the door if you want success in Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

  8. Thank you for sharing this post. I have not jumped into the FB ads pool yet, but it’s coming. The first thing I thought of after reading your post is, “well.. then what the h$!! are we supposed to say in the ad? And we’re not stating anything untrue… even though others have abused that rule apparently.” So frustrating, I know. I’m not even there yet and I’m already frustrated. Thank you for the heads up what’s to come.. and by the time you get it figured out, I should be ready to start (looking forward to you sharing all the secrets with me at that time! haha)

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