The List Building Funnel Made Easy

Week 5 of training, deserves a post of it’s own – The List Building Funnel Made Easy. I learned about creating that sequence of 3 special web pages that make up what is called a list-building funnel.
1. Optin Page
2. Thank You Page
3. Lead magnet delivery page

List Building Made Easy

Back in my Continuity of Processing blog post I prepared an overview of what I was doing during the first 4 weeks of training on what I am terming an Affiliate Marketing Network with a multitude of apps within. The Affiliate System.

My original thought was to do the same for Weeks 5 to the current Week 8 (as of this post). But Week 5 took up so much of my concentrated effort that here I am with an overview of week 5 training only.


3 Lead Magnet Delivery Page

Working backwards in my list, I was given a set of five make-money-online video presentations to save in our personal media library.

And these video presentations surely fall in line with – The List Building Funnel Made Easy theme of this post.

I was encouraged to pick one or more of these videos to (essentially for me) make the fair cyber trade of a couple of free video trainings in exchange for not only your email address but also with your agreement to engage with the content I send your way.

I spent considerable time taking notes on each of the two video trainings I chose to give away as a magnet for you – my lead who seeks a better way of life.

I devote the start of this web page to our agreement of expectations dealing with health, wealth and knowledge.

And the rest of the page contains the two free video trainings I gave you access to: Beginner’s Business Blueprint and something that’s cooler than a penguin in shades.

Then I present a banner which has more context after watching the second free video training.

2 Thank You Page

This was a simple little Thank You page. It gets you to check your email that confirms your subscription to my newsletter.

To help Magic not feel out of place, I’m pictured with shades as well. 🙂


1 Optin Page

I start this page off with a logo – my trusty side-kick Magic – a penguin in shades she is!

I add some large eye-catching text of what I’ll be giving you when you subscribe to my newsletter.

And I have a green subscription button that tilts side-to-side for more attention getting lol.

Behind The Scenes

And I did some behind the scenes work on an opt in page that only requires a first name and an email address.

I also involved myself with working on the flow of my web pages being triggered by events.

And that combination of some behind the scenes work with three web pages make up for my first list-building funnel. And it works as expected!


The training at Internet Profits is top notch. The Week 5 training has inspired me to create this post with The List Building Funnel Made Easy theme.

Essentially all you need is a Network of Apps that work collaboratively to display web pages throughout a series of steps to entice readers – to provide their first name and email address to get access to my newsletter and some free gifts I am giving away.

Perhaps the Affiliate System is the system you need that lifts you out of the sadness of this sometimes mundane world.



To end things off today, I give you Bruce Cockburn and his song, “Pacing the Cage“.

It’s somewhat of a lament about being stuck and trapped in a world without meaning, endlessly spiralling out of control.

It’s a tale of anyone who has been restless in life. You’ll always find yourself looking for something new sooner or later.

The beauty of the song echoes hope that lifts us out of the sadness of the mundane words.

Let me know in the comments about a time that you have found yourself to be pacing the cage and looking for something new.

12 thoughts on “The List Building Funnel Made Easy”

  1. Robert, I have subscribed to your newsletter, and your pages look great! Well done, you should definitely be celebrating this #Win!!! I have started a weekly win share on my social media, as celebrating all the steps of this journey is so important. I hope you are celebrating all that you have accomplished this week; creating a funnel is truly an accomplishment to celebrate!!!

  2. I see the sign “Easy List Building” and the title “List Building Funnel Made Easy”, but I don’t think these are the same things.

    It does sound as if building the funnel was relatively easy, particularly with the done-for-you videos, so that is a good thing.

    But building a better mousetrap is not the full story. You need to get traffic to that funnel, and in my experience, that is not easy, so I am hoping in the next blog or two you will be able to help me see how easy it can be!

    last of all, I would love to see the Optin page, whats the URL?

    1. Tony, I was really limited to the number of words I could put on my penguin side-kick’s sign. Once you get into my blog post the title should make it more clear as to the subject matter. And for this post the main point is about the ease of creating a better “mousetrap” as you put it. I guess if you’re chomping at the bit for some info on getting traffic, know that I already have plans to put that on a post. Today I told you about week 5 and I will have to check my notes but further training about traffic come up in week 7 or 8.
      Robert Klein recently posted…Continuity in ProcessingMy Profile

  3. Great job breaking down Week 5’s List Building Funnel! I appreciate the simple explanation of the three pages – Optin, Thank You, and Lead Magnet Delivery. The idea of getting freebies in exchange for subscribing is cool! Also, the penguin named Magic is a fun touch.

  4. Robert, thanks for taking the time to break down your list building funnel and showing us your steps. This was one of the most frustrating aspects to my affiliate marketing journey when I first joined, I struggled understanding what exactly is a funnel. I would have benefited from reading this when I first started the journey! Nicely done describing your process.

  5. Hi Robert,
    Another great post! Definitely helps anyone reading here to better understand the steps everyone needs to make if they want to succeed online.
    Looking forward to read your continued journey in this internet world!

  6. Hi Robert,
    Firstly, your post about list-building is spot on. Your explanation is simple and effective. It’s very informative.
    Secondly, I listened to and watched the video about Pacing the Cage by Bruce Cockburn, and I am still weeping from it.
    I am feeling a little lost since I lost my dad last week. I haven’t fully processed it yet, and it does feel like I am “pacing the cage” because I’m unsure what to do and how to feel. He was 95 years old and lived a good life, yet I’m starting to feel lost without him already.
    Anyway, thank you for the video and the post. It really makes you think about the here and now and what someone can do to move past the stumbling blocks of life.

  7. This is a great explanation of a list-building funnel, and why it’s important.

    I also love the epilogues you put on the end of your posts, that add a little extra.

  8. Awesome job Robert,
    First it was very calming listening to the song..
    Great job breaking out the steps. You did a perfect job explaining. I do have one question for you though..
    Are you sure Magic is a she? hahah… just kidding! 🙂

    Thanks again that song I’m trying so hard not to look for something new. I have all i need right here!


  9. Thank you for sharing how you setup your 3 pages funnel. Looks like Affiliate System was of great help for doing all that with relative ease! By the way thanks for the song, I really enjoyed it.

  10. Robert,
    Fantastic breakdown of the list building funnel! Your explanations were spot on and made it easy to understand. The song by Bruce Conklin was a delightful addition—so calming, and the message resonated with me. Thanks for sharing that gem. Looking forward to your next post!

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