New Meta Space

I am indeed enduring this week
of DARK DAYS without my friend,
The Facebook ADS Manager. And I
Find myself in this New Meta Space.
I reference DARK DAYS in my Prior Post,
What a World!


Greeting the New Space

I keep on telling folks to start using “Meta” as in Meta Lead Ads. It’s the new Meta space with this amzaing ad app we call lead ads.

And now that I got a new short training video on setting and saving columns to view your Meta Lead Ads under my belt…

…I’ve started in on designing my next lead ad.

And this got me to thinking about some components of the ad itself.

First off, I wanted to know what size my images had to be.

And the deeper I looked, the more data I found to report back to you.


Handy pic for Image Specs

For each of the placements – I found the maximum character sizes of the Primary Text, Headline and Description within this new Meta Space.

On some placements there is a maximum hashtag spec.

Sizes and Ratios vary wildly as you can see below in the handy table:

Ask nicely in the comments below (only I can see your email) and I can email you a Microsoft Excel version of those specs.

Note that these are the placements I used most recently with some ads. I believe that amounts to me using 12 out of 18 placements.

Alternately, you can look each of those numbers up by first choosing a “Placement” from the drop down list on this page:

Meta Ad Image Specs

Concluding Thoughts

Given the varied image size ratios between different placements, going forward I will have a closer look at placements in my ads and narrow my targeting down in specific placements with similar specs.


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