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About Robert Klein Online and How I Differ From The Others


To help distinguish myself from other “Robert Klein’s”, you might recognize my Newspaper Delivery guy.

And you might recognize the voice of Jasper – my AI voice Narrator,

You might even recognize me by my handsome mug.

Or even by my Soapbox Bob moniker that I go by on most of my social media.

The Story of 3 Diplomas


Hello. Or as Jasper my AI voice narrator would say – Greetings! I spent the first ten years of my life in small town USA (Hartford, Wisconsin). Our family moved to Canada where I finished off high school with my best subject being vocal music. And I still hold onto numerous friends whom I sang with in the Eastview Secondary School Concert Choir. I also picked up a college diploma in Mainframe Computer Programming – right at the time that PC’s came about.

I have come a long ways with quite a few day jobs. I’d say this is my third career change. I first started off in hospitality working at fast food places, other restaurants and even hotels. I worked a good ten years in the mountain town of Jasper Alberta and then one day while driving around in the pizza delivery truck I said to my self, “Self, there must be more to life!“. And so began four years of schooling in Calgary – first two in Electronics and the last two in Computer Programming – for two more college diplomas under my belt.

And that was the ticket to help me get out of debt; pay off student loans; and start putting money towards retirement savings. I’d say I had a good nine years working with a Production Operations team in Upstream Oil and Gas and we were all top notch in what we did. It was truly my dream job. I was the reporting guy and I was instrumental in helping the team build a healthy list of 300+ volumetric tabular and graphical reports that helped folks at various levels to do their jobs more efficiently.

Then the Corporate axe fell and our team was split up and I worked another five years – amazingly making it through numerous lay-off notices and even a sale of our whole business unit from one company to another. But that was it. I sustained working as a contractor for fourteen years with a lot of the same folks and that last company saw no more need for me. What a horrible time to lay me off – at age 61.

I pressed on – looking for that last day job to pull me through to retirement – and nada. Even though some folks would work on into their late 60’s, I found NO ONE that was interested in hiring a sixty-some year old. I even tried reverting back to hospitality with equal results of nada.


Get Something Going Online


Quite some time ago, I ran into Michael Stewart online – The Internet Audio Guy. I bought – on recommendation from him – some good audio equipment that I use to this day. I downloaded many of his royalty-free music recordings to play along-side any videos that I learned how to produce from his courses. Michael Stewart was of course, known as The Internet Video Guy too. I gained much experience using Camtasia and a few other audio/video apps for producing professional sounding videos.

I’d say it was shortly after loosing my dream job that I began taking interest with getting a business going online. I was perhaps a bit naive at the time but much of what I searched for – appeared to be nothing but scams. But I forged on and eventually bought into what looked like a sure deal. I was going to become rich from running my own online store doing drop-shipping! I paid a whole lot of money so I could jump through hoops and get the business running. Man that was a lot of work! And running the online store required that I buy a multitude of apps that make it work better. Long story short,¬† I stuck in with that group for about two years or less. I endured app changes for the actual online store and I took side-courses with them that got got me into: Drop-shipping using Facebook Marketplace; Email Marketing; and even CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing.

Then there was the Google advertising using YouTube videos. There were those who caught on quickly and ramped up their earnings exponentially. But I’d say the majority minions of us never quite reached our “breakthrough” – you know that time when you get to pay off all of your investment in coaching; startup costs; advertising costs – and then some. I held on for one year with them and the biggest killer was the crazy advertising cost.

Then Jan 2021 hit…middle of the pandemic and I get laid off after 14 years of making the big bucks as a contractor. I continued on with running some YouTube video ads but I was not in the financial position to buy into their yearly upgrade. Part-way through that year my accountant tells me to shut it all down. Meanwhile – at this time – I was in a futile attempt of securing a new day job. I took advantage of a free government sponsored program where I jumped through hoops along with my cohort to culminate studies with a “pitch for work” to the Grizzlies. I tried some of the strategies and had some good info interviews but not a single day job was to be had.


Me – Reimagined


Then I found a book that made it very clear what my focus should be in the way of making money online – and especially for affiliate marketers. This was no ordinary book – it was nothing like some of the eBooks I found in the past. It was a physical soft-cover book. There wasn’t even an eBook version of it. My curiosity was peaked and I had to have a copy.

I didn’t have a lot of money at the time – but I figured I could at least handle the cost of shipping. Then – to my surprise, one of the bonuses was an Audio version that I could listen to the author read his book to me. I listened; I did exercises; I did a lot of learning; and I knew this was the start of what I wanted in life. I call it, “Semi-retirement” life.

But my “big why” is truly being a happy jet-setting traveler especially to and from tropical climates…and being healthy¬† – for living that kind of full life .

It is my aim to take you along with me on this journey of mine. I’ll let you know what I do on a daily basis. I’ll keep you in the loop of any special projects that I may take on. And I’ll keep you abreast of any mistakes I make or even those I have made already. And I can even prepare instructions with something like – the tailored setup of your Facebook Manager reporting and ideas on daily exports out of an AWeber autoresponder.

Armed with all this information, it is my hope that you will discover the “right path for you” to what you want out of YOUR life.

I’d be honored if you would like to hear more from me – if so, stay tuned for a daily digest.

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