Hello World!

Welcome to my first blog post – Hello World!

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I would dare say that my ACTUAL first blog post is my “About Me” page.

About Me
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About Me Summary

It’s a bit long-winded – but it shows you where I am coming from. I even broke it up into chunks:

  1. Get to know where my uniqueness lies among the others.
  2. The story of the 3 college diplomas.
  3. Get Something Going Online.
  4. Me – Reimagined.

Me – Reimagined and Your Input

If you are short on time, I’d read chunk #4, Me – Reimagined where I tell you about a turning point with making money online as well as plans I have to help you discover Your right path to establishing a successful life online.

Out of interest’s sake, how many new languages or scripts have You started out with, “Hello World!”?

Let me know by leaving your comment at the bottom of the post.

And like my chosen mentor is with zeros, “never” is a valid answer with me. πŸ™‚

I am Robert Klein Online.
Watch for the moves I make.

Get at those thoughts running around in my head about Facebook Lead Advertising campaigns. Watch me talk about the content I place on my blogs. Check out me praising the excellent coaching and mentoring services I receive on a monthly basis. And you’ll hear a bit on healthy lifestyles. And much more…

I live by my mantra, A Healthy Me Translates Into A Healthy Business.

32 thoughts on “Hello World!”

  1. Let me start off with the COUNTLESS times I’ve used, “Hello world!”.!
    BASIC programming language…
    I’m sure many more.

    1. Robert, I like your line about health and business. Over the last year I learned the hard way that health and business success are interconnected. A programmer for 25+ years, I’m very familiar with Hello World. Your off to a great start, Just keep moving forward. You got this.

      1. Thanks CJ, Nice to see others familiar with Hello World lol. The hardest thing for me staying healthy is remembering to drink more water. But yes – a healthy me translates to a healthy business.

    2. Hi, Robert! It’s great to meet you! I don’t think I’ve ever started a sentence with “Hello, World.” What a great way to start a blog!
      I look forward to seeing your blog grow!

  2. Hello Robert,
    I would like to follow you. I have been trying to get my affiliate business up and running with no luck on my own. I’m very interested in seeing who you use, and the progress you will be making. Keep the blogs coming.
    Sandy Misiph recently posted…My First PostMy Profile

  3. OOOH, I have never seen a comment on a Hello World post before… but in answer to your question cant scrip or code, so for me the answer would need to use one of the two banned words!

  4. Hi Robert πŸ‘‹ A great read! Totally agree about Health and Business. You certainly have a great range of experience under your belt that will be very useful for you going forward. I look forward to reading your progress. I am at the beginning of my own journey to living life on my own terms πŸ‘πŸ˜Š you can read my first post here

    1. Thanks for reading – and your comments!

      I had a look at your blog post and you too are well on your way.

      I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

  5. Kelli Hansel

    Hello Robert!
    Wow, what a time to lose your job. However, one could say it was a blessing in disguise! I truly believe you have found the answer to financial freedom, and building the life you want! Congrats and good luck on your journey.

    1. Thanks for your belief in my new passion.

      At the time of loosing my job, I was already set in a home-time routine (working from home during the pandemic).

      I look forward to sharing my journey going forward.

  6. Hi Robert,
    Looking forward to read your adventure!
    You are so right when you mention your health. Working out 3 times a week at minimum makes for this 50+ (ok, going on 57…there you happy?!! LOL) very happy!
    All the best!

    1. Thanks so much for your comments.

      Missing out on a whole week of workouts is like a week of no blogging…It just doesn’t feel right.

      I’m getting back on track with the work-outs this coming week!

  7. Hey Robert, I can see you must be a ship captain because you
    have been in the software ocean for years, am I getting warm?
    That said, you failed to mention the two languages I set sail
    with C++ and AT&T Unix does that ring a bell or two? Anyway,
    Robert thanks for the engagement it looks like we share many
    things and I hope you swing back you’re always welcome.
    Have a nice day.
    James Coe recently posted…My Journey Starts Today!My Profile

    1. Your comments are much appreciated. The oceans have mighty deep swells! I also dealt with C in college. Not the ++ that you had but C under both DOS and UNIX. I’d say most of my encounters with, “Hello World!” were in educational settings.

  8. Robert, you are a man of the world with a wealth of experience. Incidentally I have been to Jasper 3 times camping with my cousins who live in Edmonton. Most memorable was whitewater rafting in the Athabasca river. I look forward to following your journey and hopefully you want have anymore career changes as I’m sure this will work for you. Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…So, it begins……..My first blog post!My Profile

    1. I’ve always thought of myself as being somewhat “worldly” lol, so thanks for the compliment. Glad you could experience Jasper. My whitewater excursion was down the Maligne river. And one of my high points with pun-intended was working in the Tramway Restaurant on top of the Whistlers. There’s nothing like experiencing a morning inversion with sun beating down and the poor folks down below in the town of Jasper dealing with a cloudy day. I’m definitely having fun now – keeping the Life-Work Balance in check.

    1. Thanks Sherri!

      I had this real snazzy main page almost ready that I liked.

      Then I’m not sure which plugin it was – and BAM! It was gone.

      Ah well the minimalist approach works for me too. I enjoyed working on this blog and first post.

  9. Hey Robert, wow what a journey to read! It’s amazing that you have never given up. What a way to end the journey travelling! I look forward to following along and coming to those hot climates with you πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks Keeley!

      Travelling and HOT TUBs lol. I like mostly Caribbean resorts but Hawaii catches my eye for a return visit too.

      Please do follow along.

  10. Hi Robert! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your blog. Your content is truly inspiring and I can relate to it so well. I can’t wait to read more of your future posts. Wishing you all the best!

  11. Hi Robert, sorry to hear that you lost your job but as always, what we perceive as a bad look at that time- turns to be beginning of something better. Congratulations on starting your online journey and I look forward to see more from you.
    Tom recently posted…Internet Profits 1 Year Anniversary!My Profile

    1. Thank you for your comment Tom,

      The loss of my job really wasn’t a rock-bottom event but I’m certainly glad to be started in my online journey. I did get started in the spring of 2023 and I welcome you and others to read a blog post of mine with Dean telling us about HIS rock-bottom story (see the COMMENTLUV link).
      Soapbox Bob – Robert Klein recently posted…Rock-BottomMy Profile

  12. I love your mascot! That one thing gave me a few ideas of my own. For starters, I have a 7 month Boston Bull dog who likes to snuggle when I write content. He will be joining me in the near future- perhaps even today!

  13. Robert,
    It’s funny that I have never realized all the “Hello World” statements in the programming world. But what a way to introduce yourself… I haven’t really understood the age issue myself… of companies not wanting to hire “Experienced” people, like ourselves, that still have so much to offer. Your Determination, Experience, and Willingness to learn and start something new, will be the key to your success!!! Look forward to following your progress!

  14. Hello Bob,
    Great approach to the theme of your blog! This opens up a lot of windows for you combining health and business in one blog. I will be interested in seeing how you present it.

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