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Every week I’ve been creating content for you with the intent on helping you find an easier path than the one I follow as an affiliate marketer here on And this week – so as to not waste your time totally I thought I’d continue from my last “Off the cuff…” post and let you know I have created one more Meta ad to test.

I’ll take you through the tour of the freeze framed images while I created a new Meta ad to test. And then finally I’ll wrap things up by telling you what REALLY Freeze-Framed me in my tracks today. Plus I know you’ll not let me off the hook without your fix of some appropriate music for your listening pleasure…

Freeze-Frame Pic









Keep reading and I give you a run down of creating a Meta Lead Ad with a twist.


This is a series of freeze frames that I captured while creating a new Campaign for Meta’s lead ads.

And that leads us to some gossip started by me… In my opinion, “Facebook Lead Ads” is being replaced with Meta’s “Lead Ads”. They will never refer to the ads as Meta Lead Ads.

I have not yet wavered on using “Leads”  as my Campaign objective.

Freeze Frame Campaign 01










This next step tripped me up recently when I chose to have my campaign tailor-made. Sure, they shortened the steps for  you but they HIDE the Ad Set completely. And I’m one wanting full control, so I choose the second option here for a Manual Setup.


freeze frame 02













I gave the Campaign a Name; there were no special ad categories to mention; and the buying type was, “Auction”.

freeze frame 03













Ad Set

Then came time to setup the Ad Set. I gave it a name and Instant Forms is chosen to generate leads. But if this is your first time setting things up, then the Facebook page has to be chosen and you’ll have to read and accept Meta’s Lead Ads Terms. But once you have done that – usually the selection is made right a way. My performance goal  is selected from the drop down box as: Maximize Number of Leads 

freeze frame 04



















Next up is the budget. I wanted to bring that back to approximately $5 USD so I stated the $7 CAD daily that I’m willing to spend. Then I randomly chose the ad schedule to begin on March 24 and at 4 AM Mountain Daylight Time which is usually GMT-7.

freeze frame 05







Then I suggest you take note of the Audience. These are the distinguishing characteristics that can help identify an Ad and help you better understand test results. In other settings, the Advantage+ audience would make sense – but for lead ads I have chosen a Saved Audience I had created ahead of time. I left it broad on purpose to see what countries perform best for the age group of 30-65+ and with an interest of Affiliate Marketing.

freeze frame 06















I show this next freeze frame noting that I am able to exclude subscribers who have already subscribed. And also note that I have all languages selected.

I am led to believe the Meta AI will determine what will work best.
Ha ha! That kind of thinking might come back and bite me. lol

freeze frame 07















I don’t see the Beneficiary and payer entry if my location targeting was USA and Canada.

And again – enter the control freak moi…Manual Placements is my choice and I took 15 of 18 placements. I always stay away from the Audience network.

freeze frame 08
















For the Ad setup I’ve used a single image. It’s a new one and I have a call to action of “Get Offer“.

Seeing as I have a co-branded sales page I can use that page in my Meta Lead Ads and I show the price of Shipping and handling. The word is that folks will buy a lower priced book if they see value. Testing may prove that I need to go back to offering a free video.


For the Advantage+ Creative, I stepped through every one and this time around I went with 6 of the 8 suggestions.

I entered contents for the Primary Text, Headline and Description and I did not go with the optimization of each of those.

It is my thinking that I want to know how the current text converts and if I had multiple versions of everything – I wouldn’t know what to make changes on.

Anyone that clicks my ad is sent to a form that I have titled as, “Underwhelmed ROI


The Twist

For something completely different I decided to use an offline event that I defined in the Event Manager.

Anytime that I am notified of commissions for a sale, I can upload a CSV file (comma-separated file).

I do this to help Meta understand who is buying my products.

Underwhelmed ROI Form

I provide this statement so the reader knows exactly what they are getting in exchange for their first name and email address.


Then I prompt my user for their information. Meta fills in the defaults and the reader can accept those or change them.

It IS my hope that whenever you are entering such information that you check it over very carefully. All too often I see my potential customers enter email addresses that end with .co or .come. These are rejected by my autoresponder and the reader is left wondering what went wrong.

The third page in the form notifies the reader of privacy policies.

And the last message on my form gives further instructions on how to find my email and next steps.

In the past, I had a link to my Facebook Business Page setup on that last button – but currently I have set my co-branded sales page to show. It also has a short video to start.

Click to see my Sales Page.


That was just a quick walkthrough of me setting up one of Meta’s Lead Ads.

If you ever do decide to become a Certified Partner with Internet Profits, know that they have a couple of training videos that can help you get setup and then follow along for their suggestions for setting up your ads with Meta.

But the biggest Freeze Frame of the day was when I found out Meta had restricted my access to all of my ad accounts.

At first it just looked like my personal ad account was disabled and two other ad accounts were OK.

But when I tried to make a change – it would not take.

It took awhile to find the right spot to get a review – but after providing some ID I submitted my request for a Review.

The whole process is quite annoying as we are not even given a text box to explain things.

So it became a wait and see session and on the next day I received an email stating that Meta found no policy violations and all my ad accounts were once again working.

I leave you with this Freeze-Frame musical video to listen to while you make your comments below.

I would like to know if you have ever encountered a Freeze-Frame episode in your business making you stop – with a feeling of bewilderment about something that stopped working.



7 thoughts on “Freeze Frame”

  1. This is very good and very thorough. I plan on using Lead Ads in the near future and will refer to this post. I appreciate your work to report on these steps!

  2. Robert, many thanks for this. It was amazing. Allison also did a similar post around Facebook lead ads. It’s something I wish to learn and this is really helped me. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights into setting up Meta Lead Ads. Your detailed walkthrough provides valuable information for those navigating similar processes. It’s reassuring to know that even seasoned marketers encounter challenges, such as unexpected account restrictions, and your perseverance in resolving the issue is commendable. Your transparency in discussing setbacks and sharing tips for overcoming them is incredibly helpful for others facing similar situations in their business endeavors. We appreciate your willingness to provide guidance and look forward to more insightful content from you in the future. Thanks, Atif. PS, you could develop this into a small course that you could offer to your audience.?
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Rich Baba, Poor Baba – sounds familiar!My Profile

  3. Robert,

    I can see that crafting a campaign on Meta’s platform demands meticulous attention to detail. The way you laid it out encourages me that success with Meta’s lead ads is attainable.
    I appreciate the not just the content but the images you embedded. The images are very helpful. Perhaps in the future you can do a video demonstrating all the steps.

    Thanks again for sharing your insight into Meta ads.

  4. Hi Robert,
    Just read this today but definitely will be coming back for additional information once I get started!
    There’s never any “too late” information!

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