Facebook Ads – Payment Threshold

In a quest to move my buisness forward, my Facebook Lead Ads target the newbies of affiliate marketing on the Internet in one ad.

Facebook Ads - Payment Threshold

And I’ve just started up a new ad that targets those who already have a bit of experience but with underwhelming results.

Facebook Ads - Payment Threshold

It really matters not which boat you’re in – but if you’re wanting some guidance to get on the right path to success, we all start from the same position:

From the Beginning.

I invite you to check out a marketing tip over at my Soapbox Bob Blog. It makes note that you need to take things step by step.

And if you’re new to affiliate marketing, this prior post of mine identifies some of the things you need to do to establish your business online: The Process

From the Beginning On a Budget

I will be talking more and more about something called the Beginner’s Advantage and it is a great place to start from the perspective of the experienced and newbie alike.

But for today I wanted to put it to you – that Facebook Lead Ads may be one of the best ways to get started on paying to grow your audience – especially if you are like me and working with a low budget.

And if you do have the extra advertising bucks, you get the advantage of being able to conduct more testing – which is the best way to find those winner ads.

As mentioned above – I just started with a new Facebook Lead Ad.

There are three components to setting up an ad in the Facebook Ads Manager: Campaign, Ad Set and Ads.

But there is another component to consider – and that is the actual ad account.


New Ad Account

So this time around my new ad was created under a separate ad account.

Something to be aware of is that in the settings for your ad account and under Billings and Payments, you can set a payment threshold.

I set mine at $200. But if your ad account is new, Meta will decide your payment threshold for you.

That means you will get annoying little payments made on the payment method that you’ve chosen. And it will be up to Meta to move your payment threshold forward until it finally reaches the threshold that you’ve stated.

So in my case, my credit card that was being charged the piddly little amounts, it took those payments as possible fraud. And when I looked at my credit card account online, they were prompting me to call them due to a Fraud Protection Alert.

It was a simple call and they cleared the alert for me.

Another thing to be aware of is the Monthly Billing Date. And that is set by the date that you start running your campaign.

In my case, it appears that I am paying just over my $200 threshold limit each month.

So without a hiccup my credit card gets charged $200, then a couple days later I get charged just a few bucks on my monthly billing date.

With that – I think I will update my threshold to account for those extra bucks and with fingers crossed – maybe I can get to that one billing date per month lol.

And there you have it – some good Facebook Lead Ad advice for you today.

Question for you: When you are working on a new ad or even new content, do you do much testing of your content? Let me know in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Facebook Ads – Payment Threshold”

  1. Hi Robert, Good info on what you so far experienced doing Face Book Lead Ads. I can’t give my perspective because I haven’t started this strategy. It seems so foreign. However, I like your plan to target those wanting to start an Affiliate Business. I am certain soon you’ll be closing a few deals!!

  2. Hi Robert,

    Great post. I copied the other 2 to look at later. (in process and step by step)
    I was laughing at your post because my husband owns a painting company, we did the same thing with the ads. $2, $4, $12… I was like what the heck is this.. We also went in and fixed it so we no longer get those emails. Great job explaining it.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Thank you for sharing this insight. I hope you’ll continue to share more about your experiences with Facebook Ads. I’m also working on making progress with them, but it’s been a bit inconsistent. Some weeks my ads perform well, while other times they don’t. I’m still trying to figure it all out.

  4. Hi Robert,
    Great way to present your ads; knowing who your audience is – and how to reach them is definitely key.
    Looking forward to reading how all of these pan out for you! (can’t wait to get to that point LOL!)
    All the best!

  5. I’ve been waiting to find a post on FB Ads. I plan to do more research but thanks for this initial explanation of payment thresholds!

  6. Robert, great info I’ve never heard anyone give any information on that topic except just enter your cc number. I’m going to use this strategy as my P or S, so I will be looking forward to reading more from you on this topic.

  7. Robert, thank you for this. I’ve not really use Facebook lead ads as I’ve not really had the budget to commit to something like that and also didn’t really have the structure set up in my business. Having said that now the business is set up, the next logical step for me would be to do some paid advertising. thanks for this great information. Thanks, Atif

  8. Bob,
    Interesting information on FB paid ads. This is foreign to me as I am still using organic traffic. I appreciate the insight when/if I decide on this method. Thanks for sharing.
    Sherri Pulcino recently posted…MindsetMy Profile

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