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Wednesday is the day. It’s the day that those of us without too many committments attend a Zoom meeting lead by Dean Holland in relation to what is called the Affiliate System that was rolled out to a couple hundred members back over 20 weeks ago. In the conclusion I invite you to calculate the numbers to cover your basic needs.

Week 20 – Monetization

This past Wednesday was Week 20 and the topic of the day was monetization models. And the one that we normally deal with as affiliates is the Paid Per Sale Model.

In that model we send traffic to an offer and if it’s the right person, the right product and the right time a potential customer clicks an affiliate link to learn more about the product or products being offered. Once a purchase is made, commissions are identified to the affiliate.

There is of course one more step in having to wait a prescribed amount of time (usually a month) while the customer has a cooling off period and can request a refund if they feel the product does not suit them.

Then a month later – if payment thresholds have been met or exceeded a payout happens and the affiliate (You or I) gets paid.


Sales 101

Our session continued on with some basics regarding sales.

I’ve already mentioned the idea that for sales to happen you must have the right person, the right offer and at the right time.

A lot of times we see an offer that peaks our interest but our budget does not allow us to make a purchase immediately.

And lo and behold – what appears next in our continuing education (con ed) session?

The Four Core Areas of Focus of course!

If you are on my email list or a recipient of my Priority Advantage Newsletter, typically you are presented with one or two videos that go over those four core areas of focus.

Briefly and as it pertains to this con ed session:

Traffic & Capture – is where you aim to attract the right people into your businss for the solutions you intend to offer.

Making offers – is how to connect them with the right offer – and of course this is something of high value that you believe can help them.

Follow-up – is how you aim to reach them at the right time.

It matters not if you are working a business online or offline – those four core areas apply. If you are not getting my newsletter or emails, you can find a link to get on one in the sidebar of this post (or if on mobile – then more towards the bottom of this post).

And a big requirement is with being consistent with those four areas on a daily basis.

Just imagine if – on the day the right person was at the right time of their life and you DID NOT make an offer that day.

Likely some other affiliate will win them over.

I hope some of this helps you with your understanding of having unwavering focus on the things that will make you money.



The UK company that I deal with – Internet Profits – certifies affiliate marketing partners after they have completed some required con ed training.

Part of that training is in stating your Why and knowing your numbers. Then best practices dictate that you have those statements readily available to see on a day to day basis.

As far as the numbers go (at least for the certification), we were to include both our daily needs as well as all the pie in the sky goals you have – and like for me – such as spending as much time on the beach or poolside as possible.

Once you have that monthly number calculated – just divide by 30 to come up with a daily number that you are aiming for.

At the time, I had lots of pie in the sky ideas and my daily number came to $533.33 daily. While this is certainly an attainable number over the long haul, it seems somewhat insignificant especially when starting out and you are aiming for that first $1 in commissions.

Now, with me in day 2 of a nine-month journey into bankruptcy my numbers have changed loads. All the Credit Card debt is gone. Taxes are waived. And I get to keep my remaining retirement funds. Unfortunately over the past few years it seems that I had frivilously squandered away too much in the way of retirement funds to cover both business expenses and living.

But the bottom line number came to what I consider to be a more doable $45 per day.

And so for you, I invite you to participate in this very same exercise. Determine what amount of money will cover your basic needs on a monthly basis. Then divide by 30 and let me know in the comments what kind of number you would be aiming for.




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