Consistent Action to be Healthy Wealthy and Wise


Consistent Action is the Way to Win – to be Healthy Wealthy and Wise.

Consistent Action for being Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Out with the old and in with the new as they say!

No matter if you’re working on making money online or if you are working on new diet and exercise

I suggest your concentration on all three in 2024.

Read on to get to my Top 20 List for Getting Ahead in 2024.

The parallels that you can draw between a fresh start in Affiliate Marketing and a fresh start on a new diet are amazing.



I mean I was flabbergasted whilst reading the intro to one of the chapters in the Nutrition Bible I had just purchased.

Consistent Action for being Healthy Wealthy and Wise

The Best Path Forward in 2024

To paraphrase,

This Getting Ahead in 2024 List will teach you how to hack your mind and spirit to create
the habits, the systems, the processes and accountability that maximize the odds of success.

Be it the Nutrition Bible or The Iceberg Effect

…I recommend both…one for determining your next best diet and the other for determining your next best business model for making money online.

The duality in this list will surely lead to consistent action to be healthy wealthy and wise.


A Guidance List So to Speak

Let’s crack on then with my

Top 20 List for Getting Ahead in 2024

  1. Set Weekly Goals.
  2. Celebrate Daily Wins.
  3. Always have Next Goals Ready.
    I’d even go as far as saying that you need an entire month mapped out.
  4. Take action even if you don’t feel like it.
  5. Re-frame your losses as wins.
    Many quit due to a loss, but a coach can get you back on track.
  6. Minimize temptations to ensure a streamlined focus.
  7. Avoid the other ads as they can create cravings where there were no cravings before.
  8. Have a few days of prep always waiting in the wings.
  9. Expect the unexpected.
  10. Winners embrace accountability.
    I am the average of the five people I spend the most time with. Adjust who I spend time with.
    Find accountability partners.
  11. Getting a Mentor is a wise move.
  12. Seek out answers from coaches.
  13. Fear of failure and embarrassment is a great motivator.
    Make going off your program more painful than doing that consistent daily work that sometimes presents challenges.
  14. Create resonable high-pressure deadlines.
    Then add 20-30% more time as a buffer.
  15. Daily Journaling to track your progress.
    Be it pictures of the food you eat or even a graph of your latest marketing stats – these are good to share with a coach.
  16. Choose self- acceptance rather than self-judgement and shame. Many folks beat themselves up for missing short term goals or deviating from the plan. And as the Nutrition Bible states, this can lead to a sprial descent into the f-its. Instead, identify the growth opportunity and focus on that.
  17. Focus on the lessons, the gifts and the wins.
  18. Embrace ownership to the max.
    Other folks may blame everyone else for their failures. Make YOU the responsible one.
  19. Identify your WHY.
    Level up your purpose and you will find yourself  moving from Desire to Pride, Courage and Love.
    Once you are in the Love zone of your quests, you will become driven to become all that you can be.
    i.e. Consistent action to be healthy wealthy and wise
    Hack your Spirit. There is no driver more powerful than being fueled by purpose.
  20. Then Flip the Go Switch in your mind – you have the power!

Note that if you need help in identifying your WHY, have a look at this post on my Soapbox Bob blog which includes a talk from my Online Business Mentor, Dean Holland as he speaks on the matter: Finding Your Why



There are many parallels that you can follow that lead to Consistent Action to be Healthy Wealthy and Wise.

After looking at that exhaustive list, I am wondering why I do not have on my list: Drink plenty of water. I’ve been trying to drill this into my brain for years lol.

So I say to you, commit to becoming the healthiest, wealthiest and wisest version of yourself for the rest of your life from this day forward!

Once you fall in love with your quests, you will have entered the Magic Zone.

Get in the Magic Zone for being Healthy Wealthy and Wise

And please do follow my amicable penguin mascot – Magic.

She will have the little notes on her sign to keep you in the Magic Zone as surely – being super healthy, wealthy and wise will become one of your life’s great joys.

If you have not already – I invite you to read more about me:

Let me know in the comments if you are currently on any special diets.



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11 thoughts on “Consistent Action to be Healthy Wealthy and Wise”

  1. Hi Robert,
    Great post and so important to continually grow in health, wealth, and wisdom! I do have some changes I made recently for my diet. I start the day with water, then 2 cloves of fresh garlic and some almonds and a fruit before I eat anything else. Also take a pre/probiotic daily. Then I try to stick with fatty fish, chicken breast and dark greens. I felt a significant shift within a couple day of doing this. Next I need to excerise more, get more active. All the best this coming week and look forward to your next posts. Cheers!
    Denny Medeiros recently posted…Now That’s an Explosive Start 🤯My Profile

    1. Denny – you are an inspiration to me. I have picked up a trainer for the next 3 months to keep me focused on the right movements and exercise. And you are a step ahead of me in working on a good diet.

      We both share the same mentor and coaches to keep us moving in the right direction in achieving our goals online. Cheers right back at ya!
      Robert Klein recently posted…Hello World!My Profile

  2. Robert,
    Thanks for your top 20 list. It is defiantly worth giving each item on your list some thought. It is amazing how things in one area of life transfer over to other areas. It is also amazing how if one is delinquent in one area it effects all other areas.

    Our mind, body and soul are so interconnected and allow us to see the need for balance in life.
    Thanks for giving some food for thought.

  3. Well that is quite a challenging blog…. I winced once or twice reading your 20 tips, and looked over my shoulder to see if anyone could see me looking guilty!

    Thanks so much for providing this checklist, it is certainly going to help me up my game.

  4. Thanks for the post.

    It serves as a great reminder not to neglect your health while pursuing wealth.

    Many internet marketers tend to be too focused on the money that they forget to take the time to exercise and eat well, and I’m guilty of that myself.

  5. Finding your “why” is so so so important!
    Just throwing the eternal “I want to make money” out there isn’t enough and I totally agree with you and your post: be accountable for your actions!

  6. This is just so fantastic! What a list and you have given me many things to think about. Thank you for your wisdom and I look forward to following you!
    Ernie recently posted…Fresh StartsMy Profile

  7. Hi Robert, great thought-provoking post.
    I found particularly useful advice No 7 – do not look for ads that create cravings for what you don’t need.
    Also at No 10, finding an accountability partner.
    I was thinking about it, how good would it be to share with someone my wins and losses. I was doing this Accountability Challenge in the form of TikTok videos and it worked for a couple of weeks.
    Then I heard the same advice Alex Jeffreys on the life call. Now is the third time within a month I get this advice. That means I must do something about it.
    Thanks for shearing.

  8. Robert, thanks for the list it was very useful. My favourite one is;

    Re-frame your losses as wins. Many quit due to a loss, but a coach can get you back on track.

    This is so true and so important. If people used failure and setbacks as positive opportunities then many more would be successful.

    Many thanks for the great lesson. Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Affiliate what? Planting my flag (or is it a seedling)My Profile

  9. Lists like yours are fuel for mind, body and spirit. We recently have started an accountability group with folks from the Affiliate System based on the book called : “12 Week Year,” and in line with what you aspire to!
    I never heard of the book but ordered it to use it more in line with the intent of the book!

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