Continuing Education

Continuing Education or Con Ed for short can be used to get to where you want to be in life.

Back in the day when I was just out of highschool, languages were big for me.

I extended my grasp of the French language as I did well in that highschool subject right up to Grade 13. But I really didn’t have any plans to travel to Quebec or even France anytime soon.


La Cucaracha

Then there was Spanish. I had a couple years of that in highschool. And I did some Con Ed on that out of highschool. But in highschool, we learned the cucaracha song and it took a while before I made it to Mexico to use any of what I learned.

I was travelling with my travel companion Kim on that first trip and it was a doozy. It was to be a 2 month trip that started in Mazatlan. After a couple of weeks there, we were looking into doing some sort of tour of the area.

We got to know a tour guide who talked us into the Jungle tour – but with a twist. After our jungle tour, we were dropped off at a little town named San Blas. Oh the horrified looks from the folks on our bus when we got of there – in the middle of nowhere – only half way through that tour!

It was certainly helpful to know a few words like saying hi, thank you and you’re welcome en español. But Kim and I found ourselves in a little tavern late one night. There were only a handfull of folks at that bar. And the language barrier was there.

I don’t recall how this came about but we ended up having a sing-off. The spanish guys were singing some American song and they were destroying it! We had a good laugh over it. Then – I began singing La Cucaracha. Little did I know that our spanish teacher in highschool watered down the words for us.

“Por que no tiene, porque no falta…”, (I think it was these words, “gasolina parandar” that almost had the bar patrons rolling on the floor laughing, lol. I don’t know what the actual words were supposed to be – but a good time was had by all.


Getting to Where You Want to Go

The point I want to make is that Con Ed helps to spice up your life and to get you to where you want to be.

Now – talking about your current aspirations to be making good money online as an affiliate marketer, some good ol’ Con Ed is gonna get you to where you want to be.

You can check out some of the banners on both of my blogs for the Con Ed that Internet Profits offers: and

But be aware that you’ll not sound like you know what you are talking about straight out of the gate. We all repeat what we hear – but what we hear is not always the proper form or the actual words we should use.

But eventually you will find more Con Ed that will help correct your ways and eventually you’ll get to where you want to be.


The Next Step

I say Con Ed should be your next step. It will take some time to get to where you want to be. You may need to find more Con Ed but eventually you will hold the knowledge of what a good proven plan is. The trek will start out with some reading – but if you’re lucky you will come upon some good teachers that have been there, done that.

Some con Ed folks will branch off and affilate for actual products, supplements or even for travel. But I say Con Ed itself is a mighty fine item itself to affilate for – at the intial stages at least. And if you get real good at it, you may be inspried to be an affiliate for your own product.

My next bit of Con Ed will be to learn how to create a landing page and a signup form for my email list on We have both of those available to work on in the Affiliate System under the one roof – both the optin funnel and for me – my Priority Advantage Newsletter that gets delivered over email.

Currently I let Meta Lead Ads take care of opt-ins for my domain. But I am finding I need a place to do that off of the Meta platform.

For you – I say keep on tuning in as a new coaching masterclass will be made available to you and you’ll be able to house both an opt-in funnel and newsletter under one roof. I’ll certainly let you know when that is available.



Con Ed will put some spice in your life. It is my hope that you are like me and somewhat of a life-long learner.

If you take good notes and then put what you’ve learned into practice – and be consistent at it…

…It will take some time. For some they’ll catch on quick. But for most of us it will be the consistent effort that will get you to where you want to be.

Now have a listen to what the real words are in La Cucaracha! 🙂

Let me know in the comments what languages you have learned besides your native tongue OR what your current aspirations are for some spice-up-your-life Con Ed.

13 thoughts on “Con Ed”

  1. Robert, your journey with language learning and travel tales is quite an adventure. It’s cool how your high school Spanish skills came in handy during unexpected moments in Mexico. And your advice on continuous education for aspiring affiliate marketers is spot on. Learning and consistency definitely pave the way to success. Keep sharing your experiences and insights—it’s inspiring. Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Leadership and Coaching part 2 – That Zoom call with Alex Jefferys………….My Profile

  2. Hi, Robert!
    I bet your Spanish teacher would love to hear that story! What a gem of a memory!

    You’re right. Learning how to set up an affiliate marketing business requires so much learning. I learned what to do in the beginning. Learning how to do those things well requires a mentor and some coaching. Continuing Ed is a good way to look at it!

    I learned French pretty well in high school. That was thirty years ago. Now, I know just enough to respond if someone talks to me in French, but once I realize I’m speaking French, my mind goes blank, and I forget everything! There must be something interesting going on there about how memory works, but I don’t know the explanation. I’ve tried off and on to renew my knowledge. I think it would be fun to read some Victor Hugo or Flaubert in French, but I haven’t kept it up. I bet it wouldn’t take too much to strike up my memory, so maybe I should take that more seriously. Something to think about…


    1. Salut Nakina!

      I should look up Senorita Katz, lol.

      Might I suggest reading, “Le Petite Prince”? It was required reading in our Grade 13 French class. Back in the dayze after highschool I spent about ten years in Jasper Alberta where a lot of French Canadians came to learn english and get some work in with the hospitality industry. Unfortunately (unlike the song we listened to in highschool French, “Le Phoque en Alaske”) the first word they typically learned had nothing to do with a Seal in Alaska, lol.

      After reading your comment, it made me realize that I have NEVER heard any learnings about affiliate marketing or any business online being referred to as Continuing Education.

      My Con Ed of late has more to do with learning as much as I can about Meta Lead Ads.
      Robert Klein recently posted…Off The Cuff with Meta Lead AdsMy Profile

  3. Hi Robert,
    Mentoring and continued training is very important when building an affiliate marketing business. The steps we have to go through to get it up and running and, continue to keep things running smoothly is impossible to do on your own. Great points you made here.

    I have to say, I took Spanish in high school for 3 years and barely know the language. 😅 My family is Spanish, and I had it around me growing up. You would think I would know more of it today, but I guess I tuned it out. They always spoke it around me, and it was annoying to me since I didn’t know it. I learned some words growing up. I really should try to learn more of it. Thanks for your post.
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Building Trust and Interest: The Power of Free & Valuable Content in Email MarketingMy Profile

  4. I relate fully with lifelong learning. I like learning about You Tube. When my channel becomes less controversial (apparently the Boomer aspect brings hate out of the closet)-and more settled, I will do a video on The Iceberg Effect!

  5. Sarah Goulding

    The bar story really made me smile. I really enjoyed that, thank you. It’s those little magical moments that make life special.

    I really admire your love for languages. It’s something that I never grasped very well in school. I passed my exams but it was very much ‘learn it for the exam and not life’
    My husband and I often say we’d like to learn another language but I don’t have the ear for it ( a very fixed mindset sentence- sorry)

    Good luck with your training, I’m looking forward to reading your next blog

  6. Hi Robert,
    I enjoyed reading about your unexpected drop off in Mexico. It reminded me of a trip I had to Antibes in the South of France many moons ago. My family and I wanted to have a meal in a particular restaurant for our last night, so I went along to make a booking. I paced up and down for half an hour outside the restaurant, trying to perfect the phrase, ‘I would like to book a table for 4 people for tomorrow evening at 8pm.” in French of course. I walked into the restaurant and, having got the attention of one the waitresses, revealed my perfectly rehearsed request. She replied in her native Northern-English accent and with a huge grin on her face, “Of course you can, love!”.
    D’oh! (How embarrassed was I!)
    Andy Jacobs recently posted…Missing Post (But Making Good Now!)My Profile

  7. Hi,

    I am currently trying to learn the the basics of Portuguese conversation. I have the stock tourist words, ‘obrigado’, ‘por favor’, ‘bom dia’, ‘tudo bem’, ‘uma mesa para dois’, ‘café com leite’ and the like, but not any conversatiom.

    I was a bit better when I first arrives, I would try and my efforts were appreciates, but then I went to a language school, with other students who were so much better than me and I could not keep up and I lost all my confidence. It has taken me over a year to try to start speaking Portuguese again.

    1. Hi Tony,
      I commend you for attempting to learn another language. If you can afford the time away from your Forty-short goals, I would suggest finding a novice level course – either online or offline. But likely, you and I will never achieve complete fluency and using those stock words and phrases at least shows an effort and in many cases (if they know your native tongue is english – and they know some) they will attempt to reply in English.

      On a side note, I looked up the approximate area that you are in. And It appears you are a fair ways away from Porto (more inland and south of Porto). I have a California friend that just arrived there to do a coastal camino. She’ll be walking about 250 miles over a month’s time. Me – I’m just happy to get in 10 minutes on the eliptical before and after my gym workouts lol.

      Best of luck with your Forty-short goals and with picking up more Portuguese!
      Robert Klein recently posted…Compliant Ad CopyMy Profile

  8. Hi Robert,
    Such a great story! Thanks for sharing and being an Army Brat and thereafter joining myself has made for some pretty great voyages but I have to say that our stay in Germany several years ago, made quite the impression on me – I learnt German and spoke it quite well.
    At one point, one of my teachers at University told me that “if I wanted to keep my German, I needed to go out with a German girl!”. He was right and it worked for the years we were together.
    Going forward a few years, I married a French Canadian girl (my French is pretty good), and now found out that my boss also speaks German so we switch to that when we speak!
    Definitely worth working at & keeping; who knows when I’ll be back in Germany! (Hopefully in not too long of a while if I can get this Affiliate Marketing thing going LOL!).
    Take care,

  9. Oh yes, I love Con Ed and believe in life-long learning, and what better way to learn than through travel?

    ‘It gets you to where you want to go’ I never thought about Con Ed as such, but of course, you are right.

    I’m not very good with languages but it does add an extra spice to traveling as it gives a deeper understanding of different cultures and places.

    Even if we do not speak each language, Music is a universal language!!

    Are you managing and posting on three blogs? Wow!!

    I look forward to following you on your Con Ed journey.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Life by DesignMy Profile

  10. I have always been a lover of languages, and before every trip to another country, I try and do a little babble or duolingo to get some basics. I have never become fluent enough to really engage in deep conversations during my travels, I would tell myself I was not good at languages, but really, as my affiliate marketing journey has shown me: anyone can learn anything if they put in the consistent effort and keep taking small steps forward.

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