Community To Be Proud Of

Ya gotta love the rapport you have with any community you join – a community to be proud of, indeed!

Community To Be Proud Of

In fact – according to the Windows 11 copilot, Facebook placed a more focussed effort on groups in 2017 when Mark Zuckerberg announced a new mission to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together”.

In this post I intend to do a little reminiscing and then tell you why my ties with current communities are so important and to be proud of.

I asked my Copilot to give me some benefits of belonging to an online community and it gave me ten bullet points. Run a similar query on your own if you are interested in that.

Just know that I am PRO Community for all those ten benefits. And down near the bottom of this post, I talk about my current communities of importance.


Communities That Last

I thought I’d take some time to point out some of the lasting communites that I still have a tie to and perhaps why they are important to me.

I COULD trace all the way back to a Grade 4 choir. And choirs  in general – I am proud to say that I’ve been a part of.

There were the grade school choirs; there was the Junior High school choir and there was the High School Concert choir. In junior high I went from singing Soprano to Bass overnight – Like night and day!

I participated in the making of two concert albums with the High school choir. We’re on vinyl! There are a handful of connections with friends that I keep up with from this high school choir. It was where I learned to sing the Canadian National Anthem in a Bass part and with a second verse.

I volunteered my voice in the music ministry of numerous Catholic churches in Ontario, Alberta and BC. In fact I shocked the family and friends when I sang parts of the mass for my Dad’s funeral. No one really knew I could do that.

And I was a member of the ConocoPhillips Christmas choir for quite a few years in a row. And in fact, I caught up with my friend who I sang in a grade 4 choir with when I found out he was also living in Calgary Alberta (We went to school in Barrie Ontario). And I got him to join our Christmas choir. He belonged to ONLY 5 choirs that year, lol and he played a good renditon of the Hallelujah Chorus on organ. And I know most of the bass part of The Hallelujah Chorus – by heart.


Language Learning Communities

My participation in learning group communities started with the Languages department of our high school. They organized trips to interesting places and I was part of the group that went to Cartagena,  Colombia in Grade 12.

My bad – when I was American I should have known the highschool progression – how you Americans call each of those years – all I know is junior and senior. Canada makes it nice and easy and we count up to 12 (13 for when Grade 13 existed). I received Two High Schoool diplomas.

I was a part of the elite bunch of us that went on to Grade 13 in Ontario. It was great prep for your first year of University. I hear that Grade 13 has now been discontinued in Ontario Canada.

Then throughout the years after high school, I continued to pick up camraderies with other folks wanting to learn Spanish, French and Japanese.

While I have not kept up with these other communities I do have my tribes as a Mainframe Computer Programmer via one year at Humber College in Toronto. There was the two year program as an Industrial Electronics Engineering Technologist and there was the camraderie with us Computer Techonology students – another two year program out of SAIT (the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Calgary. Three college diplomas over five years to be proud of.


Health and Wellness Communities

I was in my fifties when I figured I better work on getting in better shape in preps for getting older. My posture sucked and I even remember a supervisor at work referring to me as always being hunkered over my computer as I worked – an image I wanted to rid myself of.

So thanks to the Corporate powers that be – a discount was presented on getting a gym membership with GoodLife. I knew for prior gym memberships, it’d be popular with me for about a month then other things would pop up. This time around I went with a Trainer.

I built much camraderie with my numerous trainers throughout the years. In fact I had a very strong Jedi council: A trainer, my doctor, my holistic doctor, my chiropractor, a massage therapist, and a podiatrist. All of these leaders help me cope with having camraderie with life as I get older.

And I dare say that all of the tropical vacations I took can be formed into their own special group under the health and wellness umbrella  for camraderie. Lots of Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba and Hawaii.


Online Communities

Any online program that I join will typically have regular meetings. My excitement builds all the more with connections to the general populous of these communities as well as the leaders teaching us their stuff. Such camraderies had me introduced to MLM, Direct Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Drop-shipping, CPA marketing and email marketing.

There was also the Higher Landing group of cohorts that attempted to get me transitioned from Oil and Gas work over to Clean Tech. I even got my Grizzly Certification via this group that I found on LinkedIn.


Current Communites of Importance

I’m happy to say that I’ve settled in on a current group of affiliate marketers involved with the Internet Profits company run by Dean Holland in the UK. We have a wicked web of interconnections that keep us involved. Mentorship groups, coaching groups, affiliate system groups. We have alotted time just to hang out and other more formal events like the quarterly partner events with guest speakers. I may not yet  have the regular monthly income I seek, but these groups help me keep it together – and keep me focussed on a proven plan.

If that’s something you want, simply check out some of the links in the sidebar of this blog (or near the bottom if on mobile).

I have two other groups that I support whole-heartedly.

The first one is a group of friends in Lompico California. The Canada Day party crowd. You see, I was best man at my buddy Bill’s wedding with Julie from California. And that year in 2007 began an annual event – The Canada Day party in Lompico California. One year both locals and visitors pulled a band together in Bill and Julie’s backyard and people were up dancing from the get-go. The Santa Cruz folks are weird like that lol. I even had the prestigious duty of singing the Canadian National Anthem at dusk.

The Canada Day party is celebrated in Lompico usually on the weekend before the actual date of July 1. Some years I just returned home and other years I stayed behind to take in the Independance Day celebrations. I’ve been equally impressed by the firweorks out on the water in San Francisco; catching fireworks looking into the valley from the Santa Cruz mountains into Scotts Valley; and even the small town in-front-of-everyone’s-homes fireworks in Colusa, California.

Part of my goal going into retirement is that I get to keep up my travels to that beloved Canada Day party in Lompico California. I have not travelled since the pandemic started and I am really missing it. I’ll miss it again this year and I pledge that I WILL NOT BE AS FINANCIALLY STRAPPED NEXT YEAR. I will be missing my Lompico community this year.

I mean like – Bill’s sister is even coming from Ontario. Bill’s sister and her boyfriend at the time came with us on an eight hour hike up three mountain ranges up to a place called Fryatt’s Hut one year when I was living in Jasper. The last half hour of that hike is the steepest portion where we were switchbacking up what they call, “The Headwall”. If you really want to break someone, simply invite your sister from Ontario who has never set foot on a mountain, let alone an eight hour hike that goes up constantly. The weeping started about halfway through the trek – poor thing.

And last but not least for communities of value is a time of celebration for Calgarians and for any of the visitors to the Annual Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. I like being able to get in on the grounds for free on certain days – so you don’t have to be rich to take in all the excitement. The Calgary Stampede runs from July 5 – 14 in 2024.

One of my first blog posts was done about a year ago and you can check it out here.


Let me know in the comments about a community that you are proud to be a part of.

10 thoughts on “Community To Be Proud Of”

  1. I am in numerous communities but my favorite is Skoll with the Affiliate Marketing folks, and blog hopping every weekend is a valuable activity to help others and learn more about our industry. I won’t bore you with my other communities lol Thanks for subsc to my You Tube Channel!!

  2. What an inspiring journey through the communities that have shaped your life! Your experiences in choirs, language learning groups, and health and wellness communities underscore the profound impact these connections can have on both our personal and professional growth.

    I really resonate with your point about the importance of communities, especially in the context of career transitions and continual learning. I am in two masterminds, and I don’t know what I would do without them. It’s amazing how these virtual spaces can provide not only knowledge but also a sense of belonging and support. Your current involvement with affiliate marketers and other professional groups like the Internet Profits community highlights the value of such networks in keeping us motivated and on track. They are great for accountability and just brainstorming sessions. So valuable. They say surround yourself with great people and people smarter then you and having communities like these do just that!

    Have you found any particular strategies or tips that have helped you stay connected with your various communities, especially during busy times or over long distances? That is one thing that has happened recently. I have started a new job, and with all of us being all over the world, it is hard to find a time that consistently everyone can make. But it’s nice to know I can text anytime I am stuck, but I miss the interaction and just the weekly check-in.

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed and heartening post!

  3. Sarah Goulding

    Loved reading your post! It’s so cool to see how you’ve woven together your life experiences with the communities that have shaped you. From choirs to language learning and health and wellness groups, it’s clear you’ve found camaraderie and support in so many different areas. That high school choir vinyl story is awesome—must be such a great memory!
    Internet Profits community is fantastic, and it’s great to hear how much it’s helping you stay focused and motivated- it does that for me too! I also chuckled at your Canada Day party adventures in Lompico. Sounds like such a fun and unique tradition! Hope you get to make it there next year!
    And the Calgary Stampede—what a blast! Thanks for sharing all these community highlights. It’s a great reminder of how important it is to stay connected and find support in all aspects of life.

  4. Ah, Robert, your community participation stories are like the perfect potluck—everyone brings something unique, and together, it’s a feast for the soul! Here’s to building bridges that make our online neighborhoods more than just a place to post, but a vibrant community where everyone’s quirks add to the charm. Cheers to that!

  5. Wow, Robert, you’ve had a wealth of experience in a lot of different things. I’d love to hear how you are doing with working out over 50. I hit a wall; it seems at 50.

    And your stories of Canada are interesting. I’ve been there three times now. Most recently, I was in Montreal and Mont Tremblant skiing with my kids and their uncle. We had a good time.

    And it’s great you found a community of affiliate marketers that you enjoy and benefit from.

  6. Hi Robert, this was a very interesting post. How do you find the time to stay so connected with the folks in all these communities? I’ve tried to stay focused on a few communities over the last year, mostly revolving around educational topics. I always feel behind in any of the conversations. I will admit that the IP communities are where I find I spend the most time, they have become helpful and familiar.

  7. Hi Robert
    Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and inspiring post! It’s incredible to see how deeply you value the communities you’ve been a part of, from choirs and language learning groups to health and wellness circles, and now online marketing. Your journey really highlights the diverse ways in which communities enrich our lives and provide supportive networks.

    Your mention of the Canada Day party in Lompico, California, is a beautiful testament to the power of friendship and the shared joy of annual traditions. It sounds like an incredible event filled with camaraderie and memorable moments.

    It’s also exciting to hear about your current involvement with the Dean Holland and Internet Profits community. It’s clear that these connections keep you motivated and provide invaluable support for your journey in affiliate marketing.

    Best wishes for continued success and fulfillment in all your communities. Here’s to many more years of enriching experiences and meaningful connections. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us of the importance of community. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  8. Hi Robert,
    Wow, part of so many communities over the years. It sounds like such an interesting life journey so far! I personally was involved in the soccer community and Portuguese folklore community, like you were with choir. School soccer, competitive outdoor soccer, indoor soccer communities. Now it’s more business related communities for me outside of family community. I thinks it’s so important for relationship and support. Loved reading your post, made me think back to past communities 🙂

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