Changing Majors

If my current path on a life-long
practical-learning journey were equated to an acredited college
or university program, I would have to say I am changing majors.

Changing Majors

I’ve been in the Affiliate Marketing- Digital Education niche and promoting such for almost a year using a paid-traffic strategy (to April 2024).

I had a good go of it – but for the rest of the year and then some – I don’t even have a five bucks per day budget for advertising.

I still love the Facebook Ads Manager and I hope I can make some more tutorial-like videos showing off the reporting capabilities.


New Major

Given the financial valley I find myself in, I have a change of traffic strategy in mind.

I’m working on a new profit plan and I’ll try to keep it simple. But the new major will be with an Organic traffic strategy.

I have what I consider a good email list, the blog is coming along.

I still need a landing page and an optin page for having folks follow me and my journey.

So what does an online entrepreneur do when in a quandry?

A Daily Ask Us Anything coaching session seemed to be a good place to go.

I still had some work to do finalizing the current version of my profit plan.

2024 Profit Plan


One of my coaches responded during the online coaching session.

One of his suggestions was to just use the opt-in page that I have with my co-branded web page.

I had to think that over – but yes! I have no current need to create the AWeber landing page nor a new opt-in page.


Other Preparations

I must review the automation sequence I have setup for Soapbox Bob’s email list.

And I’ve already started changing the net impression I give with my sidebar banners and such.

Then I believe I’ll be ready to tackle a specific organic traffic source.

I’m looking forward to getting the traffic side of my business going again.



Regardless of the actual Major you may have chosen in your path of continuing educaton, It is important to lay out a profit plan like I have shown above.

There really is no need to have a tool that does an autoresponder series if you are not yet ready to make those core purchases like a domain, hosting and an email address.

But you CAN get started creating a series of emails to assist with your quest to make your online presence known.

And make sure you know what your initial major in continuing education will be.

Do you have the bucks to get started in paid advertising?

Or do you have the time to spend on an organic traffic strategy?

Have a read of what more I have to say on the matter over on my other blog:

Let me know in the comments about the type of traffic strategy that you’ve chosen. Or if you have not chosen, let me know which you gravitate towards more…Paid or Organic.

6 thoughts on “Changing Majors”

  1. Hi Bob, yes you answered a question for me. Why not use my already crafted option page (co-branded funnel) to get them on my list and into Dean’s affiliate program? I am referring to Facebook lead ads, here.

    I have chosen you tube as my main organic traffic source and use opus pro to distribute them around the social media sites. I have a VA, also, who does a great job editing my videos. If nothing works, I may have to claim bankruptcy, too, although I don’t know how, nor do I know the ramifications.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I am currently using an organic strategy but have “dabbled” in a couple of paid promotions on FB and TT just to see what difference they made. I have been seriously considering FB Lead ads but need to learn more before diving in. Good luck with your “changing majors”.

  3. Robert, It sounds like you’re making a strategic shift in your online journey, focusing on organic traffic instead of paid advertising. Your reflection on changing majors in your lifelong learning journey is insightful, highlighting the importance of adapting to new strategies. It’s great to see you embracing this shift and laying out a clear profit plan for the future. Looking forward to seeing how your new approach unfolds! thanks, Atif

  4. From time to time we need to review our options and change if not working. Right now I think that I too will focus on just one platform (YouTube) and try to grow organically.

    Thanks for your example of your profit plan.

    I am working on my email series now and want to create my lead magnet.

  5. Hi Robert,
    Late to reading this but definitely worth my time.
    Yes, going after an organic traffic strategy is definitely the next path. I actually did pretty much the same thing you did – I previously used a paid traffic strategy without clearly knowing what I was doing so I told myself “let’s save a few bucks, go after the free side and then, once I know how to better dance with this, I can go back”.
    Seems that the financial side of my brain also accepted this quite well!
    All the best!

  6. Hi Robert,
    It sounds like you had a decent time using paid traffic. I just started using FB lead ads and was previously doing just organic. It’s great that we can transition depending on our situation in life. The fact there’s so many options to choose from is very reassuring. I wish you well in this changing of majors!

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