Before or During

Let me know in the comments if your daily task list is prepared the day Before – or During day of.

I’m normally before, but today I take that third option – almost not at all.


And do you know what happened today?

I’ll tell ya what didn’t happen. Consistent effort working on an email for my subscribers.

Only now did I think to jot down here in my blog that nothing happened today…um Boomtown Rats? Ha! I know most of the songs off this album. The album was in my collection until a downsizing part of my life about a year and a half ago.

I do stand corrected however and something good – did happpen today as I was able to attend a weekly Beginners Advantage coaching session. It’s just that it starts at 5:30 in the morning for a few hours and I’m just wiped after that. I should learn my lessson and either catch the recording or get a few more hours of shut eye before attempting the day.


Day in the Life of an Affiliate Marketer lol

I’ve been concentrating on reading about compliant marketing – you know – the stuff that DOES NOT get the attention of the FTC if you market to folks in the United States.

As a result, I’d say a majority of marketers have some relearning to do.

I was lucky a few months ago to have Facebook shut down my lead ad. Can you imagine if it was the FTC sending me a Fed-Ex package with their demands of change?

You’ll have to research back to This Prior Blog Post if you are interested in what I am reading on compliancy in marketing.

6 thoughts on “Before or During”

  1. I feel your pain starting at 430 on Wednesdays and 5 am on Mondays have been really challenging for me, and I find myself exhausted and wrecked by the end of the day even if I go to bed at 9:30. But there is also something about the excitement of getting up early and getting the class done before I got to work so I can come home and take action, if my body cooperates, lol. Whatever you decide, live class or reply, I am inspired to see you being consistent, always showing up, and taking steps forward! Love watching your journey!!

  2. Hi, Bob!
    I can relate to feeling wiped out after such early meetings. I’m at 6:30, but still. I think it would be better if I did my work for the day and then watched the recording rather than vice versa.
    I usually plan my days at the beginning of the week. Now, the hard part is sticking to the plan. I tend to think I might be able to adjust here and there and put something off… so it might be better to commit the night before to the next day’s plan.
    I’ll have to do that. That would be good.

  3. Bob, It sounds like you had quite a day! Sometimes, our daily tasks can take unexpected turns, but it’s great that you were able to attend the coaching session despite the busy morning. Learning about compliant marketing is crucial, especially considering the potential consequences if guidelines aren’t followed. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences with us. Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Programs – Did I choose Him or Her?My Profile

  4. How annoying and unfortunate to have your FB ad shut down. I’m guessing it was for some unfathomable reason. As far as the pre or during plan is concerned, I’m afraid I’m guilty of doing neither. Probably explains why I get very little done. Too busy getting sidetracked. Ah well, any progress is progress.
    Andy Jacobs recently posted…Oh No, Not More TikTok TalkMy Profile

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