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A couple colleagues in our Facebook Group noted they were having problems with leads re-subscribing to their email lists.

This post is directed at anyone using the Meta Ads Managaer for their Meta Lead Ads.

I documented the steps that I use to avoid leads resubscribing.

It becomes a selection of a custom audience in a Meta Lead Ad Campaign Ad Set.

I hope this helps…



Here try this if you have not already…
In the Ads Manager:
1. Click on Audiences from the left side menu.
2. Click the “Create audience” drop-down and choose Custom Audience.
3. Then select the custom audience source, by selecting “Lead form” under Meta sources; then click the Next button on the bottom right.

This is where you create a “lead form custom audience”.
Events: Anyone who opened this form
Page: Choose your Facebook page
Lead form: choose one, more or all of your lead forms
Retention: leave at the Max 90 days.

You can do more inclusions and exclusions if you so choose.
Then give this Audience a name and Description before clicking the “Create Audience” button.
When you are back looking at Ad sets in the Campaigns window,
and in the Audience controls section,
focus on “Exclude these custom audiences”
and click on the box to search existing audiences.

You should see the custom audience you created above;
select that – to make that part of your ad set.

If you have use – Let me know in the comments if this works for you.

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