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Have you ever wondered what your readers’ thoughts are and if so, an audience poll might be just what you need.

Audience Polls using the mailto: tag

Finding Free Polls Online

If you have a responsive audience then a simple request to ask your audience to respond to you via email is likely all that you need – and some sort of site for audience polls will not be required.

But if you have an audience that are not your true fans, then perhaps it’s time to take it to a search engine and plug in something like, “free poll maker”.

It will take some work to find one that suits your purposes, but I have an alternate polling mechanism that is fairly easy to implement.

An Alternate Polling Mechanism

Being a Certified Partner at Internet Profits allows me to submit my monthly results to the big kahuna – Dean Holland so that I can get some feedback on my results and some suggestions on how to do some refining as I work the four core areas of affiliate marketing: Traffic, Capture, Follow-up, and putting out Offers.

I take full responsibility for being at a financial low this past month and as a result my dismal stats are flat out zeros…nothing to get excited about.

Even though I had no commisions this past month, my readers were still somewhat responsive. I was getting open rates on my emails of 20-30% and I was getting a fair number of clicks on my offers.

This behaviour was concerning to Dean as stats would have it that I should have had at least one or two commissions coming through.

Dean’s suggestion was about an Audience poll. I was to ask my audience if they were still interested in making some money online as an affiliate marketer.


Piece It Together

I decided to ask the question and provide a yes or no answer.

Are you still looking to generate an income online as an affiliate marketer?

Hit the reply and let me know or simply use the appropriate link and then send that email back to me.


To do this I used a “Mailto:” link. It is not like a regular link that starts out with “https://”.

And it doesn’t have to be just an email address.

I set mine up with a subject line and a bit of text in the body such that an email gets sent to:

Subject: Making Money Online

Message body: Hello Soapbox Bob, Yes
Hello Soapbox Bob, No

Since the link must not contain spaces, anywhere I need a space – I replaced that with “%20”.

The format of such a link is:

Breaking that down for my message…



And putting it all together in one line…,%20YES

In the above example, I can hyperlink the text, YES then copy and paste the above line into the link.



If you are wondering what your readers are thinking about, instead of going out to find a polling platform, all you might need is a simple MAILTO: link.

This will just help your reader get an email started and all they have to do is hit send.

5 thoughts on “Audience Polls”

  1. Hi Bob,
    This is a new type of polling for me. I had no idea.
    I will need to follow your awesome step-by-step process to work it out.
    I appreciate this idea to get the views from your mailing list.
    Hope you get positive responses to help you to be more informed about your members.

    Thank you
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Core Values Are Guiding PrinciplesMy Profile

  2. Isn’t technology wonderful? You have highlighted something so simple and yet so powerful. I’ll have to try it out, but probably will wait until I have more than one subscriber. lol.
    I’m so sorry to read about your bankruptcy; I do hope things workout for you. All the best, my friend.

  3. Robert, your approach to using a simple MAILTO: link for audience polling is both practical and effective. It’s great that you’re leveraging your partnership at Internet Profits to refine your affiliate marketing strategies based on audience feedback. Your method of asking a direct question via email allows for easy engagement from your readers, bypassing the need for external polling platforms. Keep experimenting with different strategies like this to enhance interaction with your audience and improve your affiliate marketing efforts. Looking forward to hearing more about your results and insights in future posts!

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